Sealed Handicap Series

The club’s sealed handicap series will be held mid-season with 4 races over 5,000m, 8,000m, 10,000m and 15,000m at least a fortnight apart. All are SCRATCH START.

Sealed Series Races are:

During the season, Sealed Series points are available on the Races page, but after the last race, final results will be announced at Presentation Night.

Series Guidelines

  • The Committee will decide the field divisions
  • To be eligible for the series prize money, runners must complete at least three races
  • The handicappers will split the field into the number of divisions decided by the Committee
  • Runners will be handicapped according to their kilometre rate over the past one and a half seasons. Penalties for winning and placing in open races are not carried into the series. The Sealed Series handicaps are known only to the handicappers and are not released.
  • Handicappers will have the power to re-handicap runners within the Sealed Series if they improve markedly on their expected kilometre rate in comparison with the majority of the field.
  • The winner for each race will be the runner whose time compares most favourably with their expected time.
  • In each race, the winner will be awarded half a point, second will be awarded 2 points, third 3 points, fourth 4 points and so on.
  • A sash and prize money of $60 will be awarded to the winner of the back, middle and front marker division races. A cash prize of $20 will be awarded to the winner of the newcomers division races.
  • To decide placings for the for the series, the runner with the lowest number of points from their best 3 runs will be the winner, second lowest number of points will be second and so on.
  • At series end overall points will be recalculated and given to only those that are eligible for the overall series.
  • Results will be announced at the Presentation Night. Prize money for the Series will be allocated to 3rd place except in the newcomer division which will be at the discretion of the committee.