Handicapping system

We have looked to incorporate changes to the handicapping process to account for deficiencies in previous systems.

We aim to provide more motivation to new members and also to winners of races to give them all a reason to continue to race and enjoy their sport. We have looked at handicapping more toward current running pace with less input from the handicappers.

Some of the benefits are:

  • More runners competing for a win each week
  • The majority of the field to finish within a three minute time frame
  • The more races you do, the more likely you will be racing for a win
  • Encourage new members, in that from half way through the season, they will have opportunity to race for a win
  • Not to penalise winners as much, so if they continue to run well, they will still finish towards the front end of the field

In simplistic terms the handicap is based on your best 5km race pace over the last 15 races. When a race is longer than 5km the pace is adjusted back to an equivalent 5km pace.

By-Law 11 regarding marked improvement will be enforced by the handicappers and the protest co-ordinators.