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  • Geelong Half Marathon 21.1 km
  • 7 km Run

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Course details and maps

View the Geelong Half Marathon course map. The Geelong Half Marathon is run along the beautiful Barwon River, from Belmont, to Breakwater and then up to Fyansford and back to Belmont.

View the 7 km Run course map. The 7 km Run covers the first 2 km of the Half Marathon course and then 5 km of the main river section traversing Moorabool Street Bridge and Shannon Avenue Bridge then back to Belmont.

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All finishers of the Geelong Half Marathon will receive a commemorative medallion and refreshments.

All finishers of the 7 km Run will receive a Geelong Half Marathon and 7 km Run top quality drink bottle, and refreshments.

Geelong Half Marathon

Prizes are awarded for male and female in each category.

  • Fastest male and fastest female (irrespective of age group): 1st $400 plus sash; (each will also win their age group 1st prize); 2nd $150 (plus age group 1st prize if first for their age group); 3rd $75 (plus age group 1st prize if first for their age group).
  • Under 20 years: 1st $120
  • 20 – 39 years: 1st $120
  • 40 – 49 years: 1st $120
  • 50 – 59 years: 1st $120
  • 60 years and over: 1st $120
  • Bonus if the course record is broken: $200.
    The current course records are (male) Abere Kassw, 64 mins 33 secs, set on 8th April 2018
    and (female) Karinna Fyfe, 73 mins 54 secs, set on 11th April 2021.
  • All placings are based on net times.

Ages are as of Geelong Half Marathon and 7 km Run race day.

7 km Run

  • First male $120; First female $120.

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Start and finish locations

The Geelong Half Marathon and the 7 km Run both start near the Geelong Cross Country Clubrooms, 162 Barrabool Road (under the James Harrison Bridge, on the south side of Barwon River, in Belmont, Geelong; Melways reference Map 451, K8).

Both events finish under the Moorabool Street Bridge, near to the start.
There will be an arch, timing mats and hydration at the start and finish, as well as along the course.

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Start windows

To ensure social distancing of runners at the start, runners can start any time inside their event start window. We will send runners off in small groups within those windows. Our timing system will record your start time along with your finishing time.

Geelong Half Marathon start window: 7.15-7.45 am
Participants are encouraged to arrive 30 minutes before they start, to ensure there is plenty of time to get organised and warm up.

7 km Run start window: 8.00-8.10 am
Participants are encouraged to arrive at least 30 minutes before they start.

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Drink stations and time limits

Drink stations will cease support progressively as follows:

Geelong Half Marathon
4.8 km:             40 mins after last start time 8:25 am
8.8 km:             1 hr 10 mins 8:55 am
12.0 km:           1 hr 35 mins 9:20 am
13.8 km:           1 hr 50 mins 9:35 am
16.5 km:           2 hrs 10 mins 9:55 am
19.0 km:           2 hrs 30 mins 10:15 am

7 km Run
4.0 km:             40 mins after last start time 8:55 am
5.0 km:             2 hrs 10:15 am

Water will be provided in cups. Our water cups are fully recyclable. Please place in designated recycling bins if possible.

Participants are welcome to continue after these times but will not have drink station support. The finishing arch and race timing will close at 10.30 am, 2 hrs 45 mins after the last Geelong Half Marathon start time.

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Race bib

Your race bib must be worn on your front at all times during the events. If you are not wearing your bib, your time will not be recorded and you will not be eligible for prizes.

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Bag storage

There will be a designated bag storage area near the start line on event day. Ensure your belongings are in a closed bag that is clearly marked with your event number; you can use the tear-off strip from your event bib. While we will look after your property, we cannot guarantee its security and recommend that you do not leave valuables (such as wallets, purses, phones, keys etc) in your bag.

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Kilometre markers

Every kilometre mark from 2 km will be marked on the path for both courses.

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Toilets will be available at the start area (portable loos, public toilets and in the Geelong Cross Country Clubrooms) and along the course.
If required during the event, ask a marshal for directions to the nearest toilet.

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Event timing

We use an electronic timing system for all participants for both the Geelong Half Marathon and the 7 km Run. Your time will commence when you cross the start mat. Results will be available on this website by Monday after the event.

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First Aid

There will be fully qualified First Aid personnel at the start and finish area.
First Aid personnel will also be on the Geelong Half Marathon course, at the 12 km, 13.8 km and 19 km points. Please ask for help if you are injured or in distress.

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