Bellarine Print 8000m Handicap

20170716_110011The 93 starters in the Bellarine Print 8 km handicap along the Ocean Grove foreshore were pleased to see such a low tide. The two lap course meant runners had to twice battle the stiff easterly breeze on the sand leg. It was former handicapper, Paul Ogilvie, who followed up his second at the You Yangs with a 200 metre win from Justin Curran and Fiona Fitzpatrick. Ogilvie had been away from the club for a number of seasons due to two very serious falls from his bike. His only other club win was over the same course in 2004. Katie Eisenhauser was the fastest female in her first club race and Grant Simpson was the fastest male, both by less than 20 seconds. Simpson was also recognised for reaching his 100 run milestone.

 Top 10 Placings

 P. Ogilvie, 39:41; J. Curran, 32:46; F. Fitzpatrick, 51:20; G. Simpson, 30:21; S. Van Rooyen, 32:08; K. Walker, 32:26; C. Bridgland, 46:39; M. Morton, 32:41; S. Ryan, 36:19; M. Harrison, 48:30.

Fastest Times

Under 20 Male: N. MacDonald 39.11.

Under 40 Male: D. Burns 31.26, D. Card 32.02.

Under 40  Female: K. Eisenhauser 34.30, C. Davis 34.49.

Veteran Male: G. Simpson 30.21, M. Chalmers 30.37.

Veteran Female: S. Andrews 38.36, M. Paull 43.05.

Masters Male: P. Shay 34.02, P. Carroll 35.45.

Masters Female: C. Crawford 43.02, M. Harrison 48.30.

Legends Male : K. Walker 32.26, D. Elward 34.19.

Legends Female: C. Bridgland 46.39, J. Morton 46.48.

Supervets Male: M. Orelli 48.51, D. Jennings 53.55.

Magic Money: M. Morton


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Windows By Geoff Case 10000m Handicap

20170709_11105520170709_111506The westerly wind was increasing as the 63 entrants in the Windows By Geoff Case 10 km King of the Mountains gathered at the You Yangs turntable. President Paul had devised a new course which included the very testing ascent off the Saddle. Noted hill runner, Daryl Burns, won his second mountain crown by blitzing the field to score by over 300 metres from Paul Ogilvie with Ken Walker 80 metres back in third. It was Burns’ fifth win in his five years with the club. The special prizes for the fastest of each gender went to Rachael Thompson and Ron Thomas. The 5 km consolation race was taken out by Bonnie Szymczak. Before presentation, the weary runners feasted on delicious scones baked by Jane Gasper. John Caulfield was applauded for reaching his 500 run milestone in his 27th season with the club.

 Top 10 Placings

 D. Burns, 42:05; P. Ogilvie, 56:26; K. Walker, 44:27; R. Thomas, 40:07; L. Haines, 42:55; J. Walker, 53:29; D. Wright, 42:20; S. Ryan, 49:53; S. Curtain, 47:11; R. Thompson, 47:12.

Fastest Times

Under 20 Male: N. MacDonald 47.20

Under 40 Male: D. Burns 42.05, A. Bird 44.41.

Under 40  Female: R. Thompson 47.12, C. Davis 48.18.

Veteran Male: R. Thomas 40.07, D. Wright 42.20.

Veteran Female: T. Dekleva 47.37, S. Pedersen 50.56.

Masters Male: S. Bullock 46.53, P.Shay 48.04.

Masters Female: C. Crawford 61.11, K. Hammond 65.27.

Legends Male : K. Walker 44.27, R. Blue 48.45.

Legends Female: C. Bridgland 64.56, J. Morton 66.30.

Supervets Male: D. Jennings 76.21, G.Marshall 77.32.

Consolation 5km: B. Szymczak

Magic Money: D. Burns


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Lara Natural Therapies 10000m Handicap

20170702_110758As the temperature plummeted below zero, 93 hardy souls lined up in the Lara Natural Therapies 10 km handicap held at Geelong Grammar School. The unusually still conditions made for excellent racing as the sun began to melt the thick blanket of frost. It was Susan Andrews who triumphed by 40 metres from Coral Bridgland with the fast finishing Justin Curran only 20 metres away third. It was third year runner, Andrews’ first win with the club. The battle for fastest times was much closer this week with Kate Bramley beating Tracie Dekleva by 14 seconds in the females and Ron Thomas beating Grant Simpson by 5 seconds in the male division.

 Top 10 Placings

S. Andrews, 45:00; C. Bridgland, 55:44; J. Curran, 38:58; N. Masters, 47:14; D. Elward, 39:01; K. Walker, 38:24; G. Wrest, 45:47; B. O’Brien, 43:19; M. Morton, 38:55; J. Morton, 44:49.

Fastest Times

Under 20 Male: N. MacDonald 41.15, A. Fitzpatrick 60.43.

Under 20 Female: A. Jones 45.54.

Under 40 Male: .A. Bird 36.55, R. Leyonhjelm 37.46.

Under 40  Female: K. Bramley 40.45, S. Livingston 41.12.

Veteran Male: R. Thomas.36.08, G. Simpson 36.13.

Veteran Female: T. Dekleva 40.59, S. Pedersen 42.36.

Masters Male: M. Clayton 38.36, G. Anset 43.00.

Masters Female: C. Crawford 51.11, K. Hammond 52.04.

Legends Male : K. Walker 38.24, D. Elward 39.01.

Legends Female: J. Morton 54.35, M. Henshaw 54.52.

Supervets Male: M. Orelli 58.01, G. Marshall 59.06.

Magic Money: B. Kurz

Full Results

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Darrawill Farm Highton 8000m Sealed Handicap

20170625_103022A field of 103 lined up for the Darrawill Farm Highton 8 km sealed  handicap from Balyang Sanctuary to Fyansford and return. The wind was light at the start and increased to moderate by race end. Grant Simpson, who has just returned from winning gold at the Australian Masters Athletic Championships, was able to hold off Dan Wright by 90 metres with Aaron Bird close behind in third. In the female section, Kate Bramley notched another convincing victory.

When the handicappers applied the hidden handicaps, Dale Jennings was the winner of the Frontmarkers division. It was his 21st win in his 47 seasons with the club. Second year runner, Aaron Herbert won the Middlemarkers and third year runner, Justin Curran won the Backmarkers division whilst Shannon Ryan won the New and Returning runners section. Maurice Marshall was recognised for reaching his 300 run milestone.


Frontmarkers: D. Jennings, 48:07

Middlemarkers: A. Herbert, 34:31

Backmarkers: J. Curran, 30:54

New and Returning Runners: S. Ryan, 34:59

Fastest Times

Under 20 Male: N. MacDonald 33.42, A. Fitzgerald 55.05

Under 20 Female A. Jones 39.18

Under 40 Male: A. Bird 29.10, D. Burns 29.38

Under 40 Female: K. Bramley 31.00, Z. Adams 32.02

Veteran Male: G, Simpson 28.47, D. Wright 29.08.

Veteran Female: S. Pedersen 32.23, T. Dekleva 33.13.

Masters Male: M. Clayton 29.57, K. Henderson 30.41.

Masters Female: C. Crawford 40.22, K. Hammond 42.24.

Legends Male : K. Walker 30.16, D. Elward 30.51.

Legends Female: J. Morton 43.42, C. Bridgland 44.22

Supervets Male: M. Orelli 46.07, G. Marshall 47.14.

Full Results

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