Saucony Australia 8000m Sealed Handicap

20160626_103420With the temperature hovering around 2 degrees, the 98 starters in the Saucony Australia 8km sealed handicap at Balyang Sanctuary were grateful there was no breeze to add wind chill to their shivering. The frost on the Queen’s Park bridge added another dimension. James Dalton set a fearsome pace and crossed the line almost a minute ahead of invitation runner, Kurt McDonald. Amongst the females, Allira Kluver staged a momentous battle with Sam Bennett, triumphing by a mere 3 seconds. When the handicappers applied the hidden handicaps, Dalton and Bennett were the winners of their respective divisions of the sealed handicap. Jo Foran repeated the form which saw her dead heat a fortnight ago to win the middle markers division whilst Geoff Marshall, who is leading the Supervets championship, won the frontmarkers. Glenn Martini was recognised for reaching his 100th run milestone.


Frontmarkers: G. Marshall

Middlemarkers: J. Foran

Backmarkers: J. Dalton

New and Returning Runners: S. Bennett

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Fastest Times

Under 20 Male: K. McDonald 27.33, O. Hynes 31.31.

Under 20 Female: M. Crawford 40.31.

Under 40 Male: J. Dalton 26.39, T. Pearce 28.37.

Under 40  Female: A. Kluver 32.33, S. Bennett 32.36,

Veteran Male: R. Thomas 28.27, T. McRae 30.33

Veteran Female: J. Foran 34.44, M. Paull 40.04.

Masters Male: C. El-Hage 31.04, K. Henderson 32.14.

Masters Female: S. Howell 35.50, C. Crawford 39.10.

Legends Male : G. Clark 36.07, D. Simpson 36.38.

Legends Female: J. Austin 41.20, D. Elson 45.31.

Supervets Male: G. Marshall 44.36, M.Orelli 46.34.

Supervets Female: M. Blood 62.04

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Corrective Chiropractic 10000m Handicap

20160619_110440A burst water main delayed the start of the Corrective Chiropractic 10 km handicap at Queenscliff and caused a change to the course which made it far more demanding. Eventually, the 82 starters set sail in perfect conditions. It was Alan Jenkins, revelling in being injury free for the first time in 2 years, who overtook Joanne Macarthy 20 metres from the finish to score narrowly. Jenkins who had experienced achillies problems is the co-ordinator of Geelong Masters Athletics which is held at Landy Field on Wednesday nights. Aaron Herbert, who like MacCarthy is a first year member, was third. Course director Genevieve Pape was the fastest female whilst Ron Thomas continued his success in the fastest male division.

Top 10 Results

A. Jenkins 44.27, J. MacCarthy 59.30, A. Herbert 46.50, D. Elson 56.10, J. Austin 47.25, M. Orellei 57.19, C. Cahill 47.00, G. Pape 41.01, R. Thomas 35.11, H. Bush 47.01.

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Fastest Times

Under 20 Female: M. Crawford 50.39.

Under 40 Male: D. Burns 37.29, C. Davis 37.44.

Under 40  Female: B. Kohnert 45.52, C. Radford 46.25.

Veteran Male: R. Thomas 35.11, N. Muscroft 37.47.

Veteran Female: G. Pape 41.01, S. Andrews 48.07.

Masters Male: C. El-Hage 38.33, K. Henderson 41.16.

Masters Female: P. Galvin 47.37, C. Crawford 51.01.

Legends Male : G. Clark 44.44, C. Collins 44.57.

Legends Female: J. Austin 47.25, C. Bridgland 56.07.

Supervets Male: M. Orelli.57.19, G. Marshall 58.41.

Supervets Female: M. Blood 72.35

Magic Money:C. Cahill

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