Newgrove Benchtops Eliminator

A total of seventy five runners lined up in perfect conditions for the Newgrove Benches Eliminator along the Waurn Ponds Creek pathways. Flooding prevented the race being held at its traditional venue, Landy Field. All the field contested the 4 km and 3 km races, starting in waves. Then, the handicapper’s crunched the numbers and chose the 20 best runners compared to their handicaps for the 2 km final. Tom Blood had a minute start on his nearest rival and despite having a walk mid-race was able to hang on to defeat the fast finishing Andy Bruschi by 20 metres with Sean Thompson and Craig Fagan close behind. Club stalwarts Marie Blood and Geoff Clark were recognised for reaching their 500 run milestones and Marc Clayton ran his 100th club race. The next event is Presentation Night and tickets are available from Paul Austin.

Top 10 Results

T.Blood, 12:20; A. Bruschi, 7:34; S. Thompson, 8:06; C. Fagan, 8:25; C. Collins, 8:05; K. Hayden, 9:21; C. Michael, 7:36; C. Bridgland, 10:27; B. Ellis, 8:42; J. Willigen, 10:20.

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Intersport De Grandi 21100m Handicap

20160911_115633Sixty-three starters lined up for the Intersport De Grandi 21.1 km handicap along the river paths. The breeze gradually strengthened in the second half of the race but, at least, the last 2 km were wind assisted as the runners tired. Dan Wright didn’t tire, powering home to score from long distance specialist Vin Gasper with Justin Curran securing his first major placing in third. Wright also claimed fastest time in his first handicap win with the club. Last year, he was awarded the best first year runner. Former club champion, Loretta McGrath on the comeback trail was the fastest female by over 3 minutes.

Top 10 Results

D. Wright 82.55, V. Gasper 91.18, J. Curran 87.11, C. Lockwood 83.15, B. Ellis 106.23, R. Blue 100.09, S. Coulter 91.23, G. Anset 92.15, D. Elward 87.45, N. Muscroft 84.38

Fastest Times

Under 20 Female:.A. Jones 108.18.

Under 40 Male: D. Wright 82.55, C. Lockwood 83.15.

Under 40  Female: S. Coulter 91.23, J. MacCarthy 138.03.

Veteran Male: N. Muscroft 84.38, T. McRae 90.31.

Veteran Female: L. McGrath 88.12, S. Pedersen 98.28.

Masters Male: K. Henderson 90.22, G. Anset 92.15.

Masters Female: J. Morton 118.14, M. Harrison 133.11.

Legends Male : K. Walker 86.40D. Elward 87.45.

Legends Female: C, Bridgland 128.49.

Supervets Male: D. Jennings 146.07

Supervets Female: M. Blood 153.47

Magic Money:K. Walker

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Profeet Podiatry 5000m Handicap

20160904_101306Eighty-two starters lined up for the Profeet Podiatry Four Bridges 5 km handicap on a beautiful spring morning. The river paths provide a flat course which often favours frontmarkers. This was exactly what happened with first year runner, Joanna MacCathhy passing Ian Holliday in sight of the finish with Marie Blood close behind. MacCarthy has shown great improvement with regular club runs combined with Park Runs and Masters Athletics on Wednesday nights. Sharon Pedersen and Dan Wright were the fastest of their gender by narrow margins.

Top 10 Results
J MacCarthy 26.56, I. Holliday 32.19, M. Blood 33.52, J. Willigen 27.24, G. Anset 19.56, D. Harrison 24.59, C. Collins 21.36, D. Wright 18.20, S. Thompson 22.17, M. Harrison 28.33

Fastest Times

Under 20: J. Maiden 23.03.

Under 20 Female: M. Crawford 22.49..

Under 40 Male: D. Wright 18.20, D. Burns 18.41.

Under 40  Female: S. Coulter 19.50, S. Bennett 20.18.

Veteran Male: N. Muscroft 18.25, T. McRae 19.36.

Veteran Female: S.Pedersen 19.25, L. McGrath 19.39.

Masters Male: C. El-Hage 18.54, G. Anset 19.56.

Masters Female: J.Morton 25.31, M. Harrison 28.33.

Legends Male : K. Walker 19.02, D. Elward 19.41.

Legends Female: C. Bridgland 27.56, P. Hocking 35.20

Supervets Male: D. Jennings 30.06, I. Holliday 32.19.

Supervets Female: M. Blood 33.52.

Magic Money: G. McIntosh

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Palace of the Orient 8500m Handicap

Grant Baensch- Anglesea 8500mAn early taste of Spring greeted the 70 runners who lined up for today’s event, held at Anglesea. Conditions were ideal for running. The course had to be altered due to cliff erosion along the coastal track and the detour pushed out the distance from 8km. This is a run with a lot of surface variety and elevations to test the legs. The winner today was Grant Baensch, who was quite chuffed to claim the sash, having just returned from overseas. He was quick to thank his fellow running group for their support and encouragement.

Top 10 Results

Grant Baensch, 45:54; Mary Harrison, 49:31; Nicole Roberson, 35:39; Barney Ellis, 41:06; Geoff Anset, 35:50; Shari Livingston, 35:02; Phil Shay, 35:19; Sara Coulter, 35:04; Sean Thompson, 39:22; Dan Wright, 32:48.

Fastest Times

Under 40 Male: D. Wright.

Under 40 Female: S. Bennett.

Veteran Male: N. Muscroft.

Veteran Female: S. Pedersen.

Masters Male: P. Shay.

Masters Female: S. Howell.

Legends Male : K. Walker.

Legends Female: C. Bridgland.

Supervets Male: G. Marshall.

Supervets Female: M. Blood.

Magic Money: Chris Cahill.

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