2020 Geelong Half Marathon and 7 km Run

Due to coronavirus restrictions, we have deferred the 2020 Geelong Half Marathon and 7 km Run from September until Sunday April 11th 2021 (subject to coronavirus restrictions).

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Virtual results

Here are results for the free virtual event in September 2020 for everyone who had registered for the 2020 Geelong Half Marathon and 7 km Run. Click here for all results: 21.1 km; 7 km

As a special feature, results include age gradings. These show your speed relative to world-best for the distance for your age and gender. Age gradings are rated as follows: >100% = world record level; >90% = world class; >80% = national class; >70% = regional class; >0% = an athlete. And there were some truly outstanding performances (see below). For example, Peter Rushen ran at 85% of the world-best speed for males of his age. Well done to you all.

NameGenderAge categoryTime hh:mm:ssPace (mm:ss/km)Age-graded relative speed
Peter RushenM60 years & over1:23:0903:5685.37%
Jeanette AustinF60 years & over1:53:0505:2282.95%
Hayley NewmanF20 – 39 years1:25:2104:0377.44%
Declan HargreavesM20 – 39 years1:18:2503:4373.99%
Craig BramleyM50 – 59 years1:29:2904:1473.79%
Angela NussF50 – 59 years1:54:3805:2671.53%

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Virtual Race 23 (week 2) Results

Newgrove Benchtops ‘Not-the-Eliminator’ 2 km Virtual Final and Consolation Races

The twenty finalists had to submit a 2 km race time to decide the Newgrove Benchtops Eliminator with the sponsor generously providing a champagne set for the victor. Once again, it was a hectic dash and those who waited till late in the week had strong winds to contend with. The winner was Russell Dmytrenko who scored by 0.8 of a second from Liam Hanrahan who ran the fastest time with Charlie Harrison third. Dmytrenko has shown marked improvement recently and has done most of his runs in the Williamstown area. The fastest female time was recorded by Susan Andrews. There was a consolation race for those who missed out on the final and 32 runners competed. The convincing winner on handicap was Dianne Shiells.

Click here for all results.

Top 10 placings (and actual times)

R. Dmytrenko 8.09, L. Hanrahan 6.12, C. Harrison 7.10, B. Ellis 8.00, T. McRae 7.14, M. Morton 7.03, S. Thompson 7.30, A. Morton 9.46, A. Nguyen 9.41, A. Jenkins 9.12.

Fastest times

Female: S. Andrews 8.03

Male: L. Hanrahan 6.12.

Spot prizes

Steigen Socks: A. Morton

Happy Runner Shoes Spot Prize: K. Hayes

Intersport De Grandi Consistency Award points:

C. Allison 86, J. Austin 74, C. Crawford 67, L. Gasparini 64.5, L. Considine 57

Click here for all Consistency Award results.

The virtual season has now concluded with many thanks to Jeanette Morton who was named Best Clubperson for her untiring work in conducting the 23 race program. The next proposed club event is the Dawnbuster run at 7 a.m. on 31st December at the Carousel. Hopefully it will not have to be virtual.

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Virtual Race 23 (week 1) Results

Newgrove Benchtops ‘Not-the-Eliminator’ 4/3/2 km Virtual Race

This was the first week of the virtual Newgrove Benchtops Eliminator. The entrants had to submit both a 4 km and a 3 km race time and handicapper Jeanette had the task of calculating the twenty best results to run in the final to be held in the coming week. With the shorter distances than usual, the pace was frenetic. When the times for the two distances were added together, it was former handicapper, Russell Dmytrenko, who had the best adjusted time with newcomers Charlie Harrison and Sarah Andrews filling the placings. Hayley Newman was the fastest female over both distances with Dan Wright the fastest male at 3 km and Liam Hanrahan the fastest over 4 km.

Click here for all of this week’s results.

The field of 20 for the virtual 2 km final this week is:

R. Dmytrenko, C. Harrison, S. Andrews, D. Hurst, P. Kemp. S. Ryan, A. Nguyen, A. Jenkins, S. Thompson, T. de Koning-Ward, G. Baensch, J. Walker, A. Morton, P. Austin, B. Ellis, J. Kavanagh, J. Forster, T. McRae, L. Hanrahan, M. Morton.

Fastest Times

3 km

Female: H. Newman 10.44

Male: D. Wright 10.43.

4 km

Female: H. Newman 14.17

Male: L. Hanrahan 14.07

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Virtual Race 22 Results

Intersport De Grandi ‘Not-the-Belmont Park’ 21.1 km & 5 km Virtual Race

Forty-seven keen runners participated in the virtual running of the Intersport De Grandi half marathon with four intrepid athletes even doing their run in the rain on Saturday.  Victory went to life member and Geelong Half Marathon co-ordinator, Kevin McNulty who convincingly won from Mark Humphrey and Kurt Jungling. A distance specialist, McNulty regularly does his long run on Sundays around the Barwon River paths so yesterday’s run was routine for him. Catherine Allison and Paul Posterino were the fastest of their gender.

A consolation virtual 5 km for those who didn’t fancy the long race attracted twenty-seven contestants with last week’s winner, David Simpson triumphing over running partner Jeff Walker and Liam Hanrahan who achieved fastest time.

Click here for all of this week’s results.

21.1 km

Top 10 handicap placings (and actual times)

K. McNulty 93.13, M. Humphrey 94.37, K. Jungling 94.39, A. Nguyen 124.36, S. Stockton 109.12, A. Jenkins 113.42, P. Posterino 83.14, L. Gasparini 117.00, C. Allison 85.03, J. Forster 99.07.

Fastest times

Female: C. Allison 85.03

Male: P. Posterino 83.14.

5 km

Top 3 handicap placings (and actual times)

D. Simpson 25.01, J. Walker 24.33, L. Hanrahan 18.13.

Consistency Award standings

C. Allison 85, J. Austin 73, C. Crawford 67.

Spot prize

Steigen Socks: K. Jungling

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