Newgrove Benchtops Eliminator

This Sunday’s race is the Newgrove Benchtops Eliminator at South Barwon Cricket Fields Melway Ref: 466 A1.

All runners complete both the 4 km and 3km events with the twenty best performed qualifying for the 2 km final.

Below are the course maps for each race.



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Intersport De Grandi 21,100m Handicap

IMG_1932The fifty-three entrants in the Intersport DeGrandi 21.1 km handicap enjoyed excellent weather as they set off in the longest race on the club’s calendar. A further 33 runners chose to compete in the consolation 5 km sealed handicap. It was first year runner, Mark Chalmers, who scored both first over the line and fastest time which is no easy task. Chalmers won by 150 metres from Katie Eisenhauser and Tracie Dekleva who started off the same mark and were only separated by 15 metres at the finish with Eisenhauser being the fastest female on the day.

 Top 10 Placings

 M. Chalmers, 77:50; K. Eisenhauser, 88:03; T. Dekleva, 88:07; N. Masters, 101:11; M. Paull, 107:50; S. Curtain, 89:36; D. Card, 79:21; S. Van Rooyen, 86:16; N. MacDonald, 92:42; J. Curran, 84:17.

Fastest Times

Under 20 Male: N. MacDonald 92.42

Under 40 Male: D. Card 79.21, J. Curran 84.17

Under 40  Female: K. Eisenhauer 88.03, R. Nixon 103.24

Veteran Male: M. Chalmers 77.50, D. Wright 80.53

Veteran Female: T. Dekleva 88.07, S. Andrews 100.06

Masters Male: G. Tedoldi 93.28, P. Carroll 102.05

Masters Female: M. Harrison 132.05, C. Debeen 142.02

Legends Male : J. Morton 101.28, G. Clark 101.46

Legends Female: J. Morton 123.03, M. Henshaw 130.31

Magic Money: T. Harding

Consolation 5 km: D. Simpson


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Intersport De Grandi 21.1km Handicap

This Sunday’s race is the Intersport De Grandi 21.1km handicap at Belmont Park Melway Ref: 451 K9.

The 1st handicap runner starts at 8 a.m. along with all invitational runners

There is a consolation 5km race at 9am. 


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Goodlife Geelong 10000m Handicap

20170910_111311A pleasant morning dawned for the 76 competitors in the Goodlife Geelong 10 km handicap along the Barwon River pathways. Some minor flooding necessitated an amended course. It was club president, Paul Austin, who appreciated a substantial lift in his handicap, to set a steady pace throughout to hold off Vin Gasper by 60 metres with Nick Masters a similar distance away in third place. Austin who devised the altered course has been preparing for a trekking expedition in Asia. Tracie Dekleva and Mark Chalmers streeted their rivals in the battle for fastest time honours.

Top 10 Placings

P. Austin, 54:36; V. Gasper,  43:02; N. Masters, 45:26; S. Curtain, 39:43; V. Kelly, 69:25; A. Herbert, 43:37; T. Dekleva, 39:37; J. Larsson, 50:30; C. Bridgland, 56:04; I. Graljuk, 39:35.

Fastest Times

Under 20 Male: N. MacDonald 42.58, A. Fitzpatrick 65.34

Under 40 Male: D. Burns 36.36, J. Curran 38.36

Under 40  Female: R. Thompson 46.02, J. Larsson 50.30

Veteran Male: M. Chalmers 35.29, D. Wright 36.44

Veteran Female: T. Dekleva 39.37, S. Andrews 43.52

Masters Male: M. Clayton 38.50, P. Shay 41.18

Masters Female: C. Crawford 56.44, M. Harrison 58.45

Legends Male : D. Elward 40.58, V. Gasper 43.02

Legends Female: C. Bridgland 56.04, M. Henshaw 56.38

Supervets Male: M. Orelli,59.40, G. Marshall 63.40

Magic Money: J. MacCarthy


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